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Offered by Joel Hartl M.D., Brighton Pediatrics

Everyone has struggled with sleep at some point in their lives, especially new parents. Knowing what to expect from your newborn and infant is important for your sleep and your sanity. Brand new babies sleep up to 18 hours a day spaced in 2-3 hour chunks between feedings. There is no way to control an infant’s sleeping cycle and parents should respond to the infant whenever the infant wakes up.

Brighton PediatricsAround 4-6 months, an infant begins to establish a circadian rhythm and is capable of sleeping longer in the night. This is when parents can start sleep training. The most important component of sleep training is routine and establishing the ideal environment when the infant falls asleep. Routine consists of wind-down time, feeding, bathing (if applicable), teeth brushing (if they have teeth), pajamas, reading and then lights out at around the same time every night. It is important that tooth brushing comes after feeding and that you read to your child every night. The ideal sleep environment is a cool, dark room in a crib or bassinet on their back with nothing else in the crib with them. You can add white-noise generators or night lights to the room to help with getting to sleep. The most important factor is that the environment is EXACTLY the same for the whole night as environmental changes will awaken an infant. If your child is having trouble sleeping, please call Brighton Pediatrics or visit our website.

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