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Have you noticed that your gums have started to shrink or recede? Gum recession is common and can lead to sensitivity, root surface cavities and eventually the loss of the tooth. Until recently, the surgery to fix this problem required cutting donor tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafting the tissue to cover the receded areas using sutures.

With the Chao Pinhole Surgical TechniqueTM (PST) a doctor can correct receding gums without cutting or sutures and with little or no downtime. There is virtually no pain, minimal bleeding and an instant transformation of the defective gum line.

PST is a scalpel free, suture free and conventional graft free method for gum recession. Patient’s love this procedure because it’s quick, easy and instantly pleasing.

The teeth are cleaned and the gums are numbed. A small entry point is made in the gum above the tooth or teeth to be treated. Specialized instruments are inserted through the pinhole(s) to free the gum tissue, then the gums are gently guided down to their proper position.

PST takes about thirty minutes to two hours and up to ten teeth can be treated at the same time. Since there is no cutting or stitching, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (swelling, pain and bleeding) and the pinholes generally heal within a day.

For more information on PST or for a referral to a local PST provider, including Dr. Jeffery Poulson, visit or contact Poulson Family Dental at 303-659-1851 to schedule a free consultation.

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