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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

On my first job at a development firm when I came to Colorado in the 70’s, the owner walked by our desks one day in a beautiful suit and said, “Ladies, Necessity is the Mother of Invention!” It was hard to appreciate the comment as our wages were low and our needs plentiful. Interestingly, the comment has come back to me a good many times over the years and seems truly relevant now. The art of adapting to our “new normal” has given us reasons to pull numerous rabbits out of the hat almost daily. The irony of the comment isn’t hitting as hard as it did back then, but, we all are experiencing a time when our creativity can pay huge dividends.

In putting the magazine together, I was able to catch up with our advertisers and find out how they were handling their businesses in these trying times. Being responsible by taking precautions to follow CDC Guidelines for Covid-19 was at the top of their priority lists. Finding ways to alter their businesses to provide their services online, temporarily, was another way to accommodate their customers and be socially conscious. Adding related revenue streams by thinking out of the box was offering solutions to keep their businesses alive.

Whether you’re in a business or trying to keep positive while we overcome Coronavirus, finding different ways to solve our problems has resulted in new shopping habits, accepting face masks as an interesting accessory, and thinking more globally than ever before. Hopefully, these eye-opening times will result in a better world when we begin our lives again.

As May is a month to appreciate the glories of Spring, we’re hoping you’re able to find your own way of blossoming in today’s circumstances. Enjoy Mother’s Day the best you can. We’ve tried to offer some creative tools for your children to help celebrate and have fun, as well as Sudoku for the adults.

Stay Safe & Healthy This May!