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Offered by: Jessica Ahmed, LAc, DiplOM – Brighton Acupuncture

The arrival of spring often includes simultaneously battling the end of cold and flu season and the beginning of spring allergies. This year is, of course, much more stressful for our immune systems as we face not only our normal colds, flus and allergies, but also COVID-19. Here are a few recommendations to help keep you healthy this season:

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs: Some specific Chinese herbs to look for are Huang Qi (Astragulus) and Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps). While acupuncture benefits the immune system and reduces stress, at this moment in late March, I have temporarily closed my acupuncture practice in the interest of public health and safety. I am still booking remote sessions for Chinese herbal medicine and acupressure recommendations, as well as scheduling patients for future sessions once we can safely move about again.

Diet and Supplements: Increase real, unprocessed food in your diet. If something comes in a box, bag or can, it is probably not in its least processed state. Currently grocers are out of some pre-packaged items, but I have found no shortage of vegetables, fruit and other fresh, healthy options. Frozen vegetables are great if you are trying to reduce grocery store trips. Limit your sugar intake, which depresses the immune system, and limit dairy intake if you have a lot of mucous. Take a daily multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and fish oil.

Rest and Relaxation: In 12 years of acupuncture practice, I have never taken such a long hiatus. I imagine many of us are in the same boat: on one hand, it’s heartbreaking because I love being of service in our community and I’m unaccustomed to so much downtime. On the other hand, I have noticed my nervous system calming, and that I am taking advantage of extra time by nurturing family and friendships (mostly remotely) as well as slowing down and reflecting on my priorities. Many people are currently suffering, but I know that our community will eventually pull through this, stronger, and together.

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