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Ronnie is an energized four year old attending our Pre-Karate program. Today, as every day when he has class, he is a few minutes early so he can get changed and be ready and on-time. Ronnie always makes his presence felt by everyone, and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. After coming into the school he pokes his head into the office and loudly announces: “Hello Sensei!” I smile and say back: “Hello Ronnie, how are you today?” He then proceeds to tell me all the adventures he’s had since the last time we saw each other. After a minute or so mom rolls her eyes apologetically, interrupts him with “let’s get you changed”, gives him a little nudge and off they go.

While at the beginning of his Karate training he could be a handful in class, in the past few weeks Ronnie has begun to take his Karate training more seriously. He is now paying attention, getting less distracted, and his technique has also improved. Even better are the reports I get from home of him listening to mom and dad, doing as he is asked the first time, and being nicer to his two year old brother.

Looking at Ronnie in class, I cannot help but to feel proud of him and wonder how much more we may be able to accomplish in the future. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is still as rambunctious and energetic as always, but he is now aware that there are certain expectations of him. He is also proud of himself for getting his next belt, and for the positive feedback he gets from his parents and instructors for a job well done.

Of course Ronnie is not any one student, but a mix of so many of the children that have come to our Karate school over the years. No two students are the same, some are shy, some are extroverted, and some, like myself, somewhere in between. However, what they all have in common is the growth they all experience, each in their own way, children, youth, and adults. And that is the main reason that we exist.

At Colorado Karate Club we are helping to build a better community by instilling strong values of discipline and respect one student at a time.

Come join us.

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