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Offered by Rich Germaine, Owner, Joyful Noise Music School

Music MattersMusic is one of the most amazing ways to experience the world. Children are able to appreciate music from birth. This is why we sing to babies to soothe them and send them to sleep. Before infants learn to read, or even to speak, they are able to express themselves and to respond to emotional stimuli through music. In light of this, it is crucial that children have access to musical instruments so that they can explore the possibilities of self-expression through sound.

Once children reach school age, they have the intellectual and motor skills necessary to embark upon learning a musical instrument. Music can be used to facilitate learning and may even accelerate psychological development in children.

The intellectual and technical skills practiced through learning an instrument benefit children in other areas. Children who begin to learn reading music at an early age typically do better in core subjects such as mathematics and literacy during their primary school years. This head start can set them on the path to lifelong academic success, as well as providing them with the foundations for a skill which can be developed throughout childhood and enjoyed in later life..

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