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In his poem Gnomic Verses, William Blake said “Great things are done when men and mountain meet.” I don’t think anyone will argue that 2020 has been a ‘mountain’ of a year for us all, though definitely more for some than others.

Over the past few months, seeing the rally cries across social media to support our local restaurants by ordering take-out when they couldn’t offer dine-in service; to purchase gift certi cates from small shops or do curbside pick-up when they could not open their doors to the public; the efforts of everyday citizens and local organizations to help fellow residents experiencing food and basic necessities insecurity because of the pandemic; or watching the distribution numbers for meals and basic supplies provided each week through the partnership between Let Your Light Shine and Northern Hills Church with the images of smiling volunteers and donors; and the ‘Love Your Neighbor Adams County’ Facebook page with the requests and answers for help, as well as the various items and services proactively offered to help others—these all remind me of Van Gogh’s quote, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

It’s during times like these that I’m reminded of how glad I am to live in a community that, when push comes to shove, still has small town charm and an undercurrent of connectedness and caring for one another. It shines as a bright beacon of hope amid the divisive political climate and negativity we are bombarded with nearly everywhere we turn. It shows that we are, after all, able to rise above it in the end, and remember that we are neighbors and all in this together!

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