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Offered by Willy Strohmeier, Colorado Karate Club

“Discipline allows you to carry out a resolution, long after the initial excitement has worn off”

Changing channels on the television there is just no way one can avoid them, there they are, popping all over the place, these motivating, jumpy, overly caffeinated people trying to get one to be healthier and exercise more. Of course one will need to buy their exercise video,the cooking contraption, or some other gadget that most of us would certainly find useless a month after we get it. Ugh!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like to be motivated and I also like to help others get motivated to reach their goals. My only problem with motivation is that it doesn’t last very long. Yes, I am highly motivated today, I’ve got that spark going, but experience has taught me that it will usually fizzle out and die just as quickly as it sprang up.

That is why I am a lot more partial toward the concept of discipline. Of course, I know, discipline doesn’t sound as fun as motivation does. Discipline is usually associated with being strict and boring. But it is that important habit that allows you to carry out your resolution, long after the excitement of that initial motivation has worn off.

I like to think of both, motivation and discipline, as two necessary parts of an engine. Motivation is like the ignition system. It cranks the motor and gives it it’s first big spark. Afterward, a finely tuned (disciplined) system takes over and keeps the motor humming along.

So yes, get motivated, get excited about your goals and put them in motion; but most importantly, resolve to be consistent! Acquiring the habit of discipline takes time and practice. Anyone can be motivated, but only a few remain disciplined.

Be one of the few, that’s what I wish for you.

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