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If you have noticed in the latest mattress ads and commercials, gel memory foam is gaining more and more in popularity. Today I will explain the differences between memory foam and gel memory foam.
Memory foam and gel memory foam are both popular in mattresses because they support and conform to your body better than the traditional inner springs. Many people like them because they feel like they are being “cuddled” by their bed. Another reason people like the memory foam and gel memory foam is because they isolate your movements. That just means, when you roll over at night, your spouse will not feel it as much.

The main difference between the two foams is the addition of the gel. These gel beads infused into the mattress are designed to wick away heat and keep you cool through the night. Research has shown that a cooler bed makes for a better night’s sleep for most. Some may feel, especially in the winter, that a warm bed is desirable. In the case of standard memory foam, it does not pull away your body heat, and you will start to sweat, and the opposite will happen because the sweat will make you cold.

One of the disadvantages to both memory foams, especially with the elderly, is that they feel like it is harder to get out of bed. They don’t have the springs to assist in sitting up and exiting. The traditional innerspring or the new hybrid mattresses may be a better option in this case, and I will discuss these choices next month.

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