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Supplemental or Medigap works with your Medicare A and B to provide additional coverage for a monthly premium. The most comprehensive coverage, Plan G, will limit your out-of-pocket to the Part B deductible, this year $233. This coverage can be used with any provider accepting Medicare. These policies are issued with no underwriting questions if chosen when you first take Medicare Part B. A little-known fact is you can revisit and change this coverage any month of the year, the only catch is you must answer the underwriting questions. Often it is worthwhile to re-shop to check for premium savings every couple of years if you do not have a chronic condition.

Advantage Plans replace your Part A and B benefits by providing them as part of the Plan chosen for a low or $0 premium. This type of coverage has a network of providers and can offer additional benefits beyond original Medicare like dental and vision. Plans are specific to your home zip code and county. Some plans are designed to offer extra support for low-income individuals or those that would benefit from coordinated care because of a chronic condition. Advantage plans have many enrollment periods, many people qualify for changes outside of the annual enrollment from October 15 to December 7.

Social Security offices have opened for in-person service again! I assist with Medicare education and the enrollment process, both with Social Security to get Parts A and B as well as additional coverage. Call to learn more about Medicare and consider what coverage may best meet YOUR needs.

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