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Offered by: Lisa Asmussen – Integrity Insurance LLC

After working and paying into Medicare, most people are entitled at age 65 to Part A at no cost. This is because you or your spouse already paid the Medicare tax(10 years) when you were working. (This is part of the FICA deduction on your paycheck.) If you did not previously work or did not work long enough, you can still get Part A but you may have to pay a premium. If you delay you may owe a late enrollment penalty along with that premium.

Medicare rules for signing up can be difficult to understand. It is important to determine your eligibility and enrollment periods, so you can take advantage of the Medicare benefits you’ve earned. Even if you are continuing to work and have employer group health insurance don’t overlook the need to understand your coverage options and enrollment periods. Planning 6 months ahead of your 65th birthday, is not too early to make a plan. The late enrollment penalties can be avoided by meeting enrollment deadlines including the initial enrollment period for Parts A and B and getting Part D for prescription coverage.

You will not be automatically enrolled in Medicare at age 65 unless you are already collecting Social Security. I can share the enrollment steps and what to expect. Your situation is unique, you need personalized assistance based on your current coverage and plans for the future.

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