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Offered by: Jennifer Bell – Bell Benefits, LLC

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to Medicare and it is very overwhelming.

There are two basic things you will be looking at: Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Supplements pay 2nd to Medicare. They follow Medicare wherever it goes. This means they don’t really have a network. As long as the provider, hospital or clinic takes Original Medicare, they will take the Medicare Supplement. Most Medicare Supplement plans will not offer dental, vision or hearing insurance.

Medicare Advantage Plans do work in networks. When I’m looking at a Medicare Advantage plan for a client, I go through a couple of steps. 1st – I look to see how my client’s medications are covered and how much it will cost.

Once I know which plans will cover the medications at the lower copay amounts, then I start to look at physician networks. Are my client’s physicians in the network of that plan?

When I have a grasp on that, then we dig into the benefits: copays, max out of pocket amount, and extra benefits like dental, vision and other things.

I hear stories of how a phone sales agent will not take all of these things into account, leaving folks with a plan that is not the best fit for them.

If you would like to compare plans for your personal coverage, I am happy to help. Now is the time of year to do it too! The Annual Election Period will end Dec. 7 at midnight and you’ll be locked in for 2023.

Jennifer Bell | Bell Benefits