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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

How often do you spend time investing in your marriage? Unfortunately most couples wait until the wheels fall off before they come in to work on their marriage. Sometimes the damage is so great it cannot be salvaged. Some of the areas to be aware of are communication, finances, conflict resolution, in-laws, and of course, sex. Lack of communication stems from an inability to connect emotionally. That is the basis for building trust. Finances can destroy the safety that needs to be fueled regularly. Set a budget to control the spending and you will both be better for it. Fighting is not a bad thing in a marriage but it does matter how we fight, and most importantly, how the fight is resolved. In-laws can sabotage and destroy a couple, but there are effective strategies to navigate these difficult waters and not allow it to impact your marriage. All of the above mentioned areas affect a couple’s sex life. So take a look at our ad and give us a call today if you would like to be one of the five couples that make the investment of a happier and more fulfilled marriage in 2018!

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Brighton Family Counseling

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Brighton Family Counseling