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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

We have all heard of the challenges of blending a family. But it doesn’t just happen magically. It takes preparation and work. Don’t just move in and expect it to work. Here are some guidelines;

Prepare for the transition. Discuss things like schedules, house rules, discipline, the calendar and most of all your expectations.

Give your family time to work through the changes. Experts have estimated that it can take two to five years to blend a family. Be patient and flexible, identify areas of concern and problem-solve around them.

Allow for give and take. Blending a family is just that. Everyone has ideas of what this should look like and how to move forward. Listen to each other and be open to consider trying things differently.

Keep and maintain healthy boundaries. Identify where your family begins and ends and keep the Ex’s outside. (There is a reason you got divorced.) Occasionally you will need to separate yourselves from well meaning family members as well and will require you and your spouse to agree on the boundaries.

Don’t wait till it is too late to seek out help. You have invested much in this new family so be proactive, many times it will only take a few sessions of therapy to untangle a situation and get you back on track. Consider in-home therapy, it is a great way to help you and your family. A therapist comes to your home to work with your family. Many times clients have been amazed at how much easier it was to talk about the issues around their family while in the privacy of their home. Call Brighton Family Counseling and we will be glad to assist you in successfully blending your family.

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