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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

How would you finish this statement? Love is… During this month of February, many of us will try to define love in one way or another. And upon reflection, we may think about some of the relationships in our past or present. It is difficult to pin down in a few words a working definition of love. It means so many things to different people. But it can be a healthy exercise to make the effort to find the words that define love for you. Then share your thoughts with those you love and see how your feelings and behaviors line up.

Many times what we expect and what we give may be incongruent. So during this month take advantage of love themes that are out there and be intentional about your own needs and desires. Remember, any time you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it, so be specific and express what you long for. You may be surprised by what happens.

If you are stuck in a loveless relationship or are struggling to rekindle your love, then check us out. At Brighton Family Counseling LLC, we are experts at helping you find the love you long for. Check out our ad for this month’s specials. You can also check out our website and contact us about setting up an appointment today!

Love is
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