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Offered by: Michael A. Dolan – Dolan & Associates, P.C.

As our nation navigates through the threat of the COVID-19 virus, many people are experiencing fear, worry, and anxiety over what to do, how to protect themselves, and what course of action to take. How you’re feeling about the virus threat is very similar to what your family will experience upon your disability or death if you have not prepared an estate plan.

Your family won’t know what to expect when you become disabled, or upon your death. They won’t be prepared for what to do next, and what steps need to be taken to protect themselves. They will worry about what you would want them to do and if they are taking the right steps and doing the right things.

Disability and death are emotionally charged events. Anxiety runs high and old conflicts and hurts resurface. When people don’t put proper planning in place this anxiety and emotion can become heated battles and relationship destroying exchanges as they fight over what they should do, or what you would want them to do.

Failing to plan also significantly increases the financial burden adding to the fear, worry and anxiety your family will face.

While there are basic steps you can take to help deal with the current virus threat, there are also basic steps you can take to plan for your disability and death, greatly reducing the fear, worry, and anxiety for your family.

If you have questions about the estate planning process, I encourage you to educate yourself about the subject. If you would like to learn more, visit: to sign up for complimentary education. To address the dangers of COVID-19 our workshops will be held online and we will be offering virtual appointments in addition to the steps we have taken to protect our clients who continue to visit our office in person.

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