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Offered by: Karen Mealy – Cruise Planners

If you’re like me you love to travel. You’re not happy until you have your next vacation planned and booked. Doesn’t matter where or when, it just needs to be on the calendar. COVID-19 has robbed us of that feeling, that excitement of getting in the car or plane headed for that special destination. It’s been replaced by fear, depression, and a little bit of anger.

Every day the rules change. Many have rebooked their travel only to have it cancelled again. It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing. And in many cases it’s stressful, which is just the opposite of what we were striving for in the first place! But that’s always been a possibility, even before the pandemic. It’s just the chances are a bit more likely now. Don’t let it scare you away. Just protect yourself. Not only physically with masks and social distancing, but financially as well. Always ask about the cancellation and refund policies and get a copy in writing. Always ask about travel insurance, now more than ever. And I urge you to use the services of a Travel Advisor. Most are at no cost to you but will be your advocate if there are any issues with your travel plans. They’re an extra level of stress relief!

Nobody can predict the future. However, it’s not a matter of IF we will ever travel again, it’s WHEN. In some cases, it’s now. Other cases, it’s best to wait. If you’re high risk, it will be a longer wait than if your healthy. Regardless, we shouldn’t let that stop us from planning our next getaway. Start small with a weekend away but close to home. Then go a little bigger, perhaps a domestic flight for a short week or so. Better yet, take the plunge and plan that special trip for next year. Just remember to always protect yourself

We all need something to look forward to. A countdown to something. . .different. Something out of the ordinary from the doldrums of our everyday lives. It may be as quick and easy as a drive up the mountain to see the fall colors. It may be few days away to visit family. Or it may be the bucket list trip to parts unknown. We need the anticipation to thwart the depression. The thrill to conquer the fear. I urge you, plan a trip. Put it on your calendar and start the countdown. Even put down a minimum, refundable deposit and book it. Look at the calendar whenever you’re feeling a bit stressed or down. I guarantee your mood will change for the better and you may even smile in anticipation of the future.