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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineThis past week, I was saddened to attend the funeral of my brother. He was relatively young at 71; a vibrant individual….full of intellect, a giving/caring nature, and someone who definitely left his mark on all that had the opportunity to know him. Those who spoke about him mentioned his commitment to work, ability to see beyond the norm, and certainly someone who made a difference with his life. While I’m going to miss him greatly, this message resonated with me as an inspiration to give my best to each new day.

With our New Year approaching, the idea of making resolutions seems like such an achievable task for us to take on. Would it be even better for us to work on what stops us from accomplishing what we’d really like to do and begin to live our lives more fully because we don’t question our abilities or wonder if we know what we want in life? Diving in with both feet seems scary at times, but, that philosophy would seem like we would be honoring our existence with our very best eff orts. We can look back at 2016 and see what went well and acknowledge the things that didn’t go so well to be able to learn from them. They can be building blocks to a bigger, brighter 2017!

happy-new-yearWhere does our inspiration come from? A variety of things happen daily that give us a boost, if we acknowledge them. I am always thrilled to hear that something we’ve done with the magazine has positively affected someone. Acknowledging someone for what they’ve done can create exhilarating growth for each of us. Giving broadens our confidence and makes life seem more worthwhile as you can see why we’re on this planet…. to help each other! We hope you had some very Happy Holidays and start this New Year, New Opportunity to Live Life Fully, with a positive approach. There’s an incredible power in all of us that needs to be turned on and tuned into. Let’s enter this coming year giving birth to our abilities!

From All Of Us At The Brighton Buzz, we wish you The Happiest of New Years!