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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineIn this political season, we’ve all become very used to hearing negative comments and worse than normal communication among the candidates. I think most would agree that this negativism de-energizes us and makes it hard to look forward to what’s next. In our businesses, we always want to hear positive comments regarding our services, products, and offerings. When that happens, we’re re-vitalized and desirous of making things even better because of those comments. Occasionally, we get comments from our readers that aren’t positive about our advertisers….typically those who are providing services or are contractors. We honor those that are advertisers in our magazine, but, don’t shy away from finding out if we have someone who’s not doing their best job for our readers.

We are not, however, endorsing but advertising those in the magazine. To that end, I want to talk about the positive experiences I’ve personally had this last month with a number of our advertisers and encourage our readers to follow some of the same practices. In each case, prices/quotes were given in advance, details of each job made clear, and time frame for performance discussed as well. When necessary, referrals were received and further clarification given. For myself, communication is key to selecting anyone to do work for me. If there is a mutual respect between myself and the person doing the work, the job done seems to be much, much better.

Shout Out I want to give a shout out to the following businesses for helping me get settled in my new home: Linda Morgan and Kelly Engle – Morgan Realty, Scott Mentz – Alpha Door Systems, John Tietz – Peterson Concrete, Montie Blunn – Country Vinyl Fence, Traci Serna – Pinnacle Gardens, Andrew Serna – Pinnacle Contractors, Ron Schauman – Furniture Repair & Restoration, Joyce Toliver – Roll ‘Em Out Shelves, Tamara Borden – In Its Place by Tamara, LLC. I realize how fortunate I am to have access to so many great people to do business with. I am always happy to refer readers to resources when asked. A big thanks to each of the above for helping me in my move. Your good work and care in doing it was much appreciated!

We would be happy to create a Shout Out Section in the magazine going forward when our readers have good experiences and want to share them with others. Please send those testimonials to and we’ll make that section a regular part of the magazine. Since the purpose of The Brighton Buzz has always been to house resources for all aspects of your life, this will be a helpful inclusion and, hopefully, give kudos to those that deserve it for the terrific work they do.

All the Best This September!