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Offered by The Learning Experience®, Brighton

The Miracle of the Body
At The Learning Experience we not only concentrate on feeding children’s minds, but also providing them with the knowledge to ensure that their bodies are excelling as well. Teaching children at a young age about proper nutrition instills great eating habits and promotes good health for a lifetime.

Your preschooler’s eating habits play a big role in his or her growth or development. As preschoolers grow, they change physically, mentally and socially. These changes affect everything they do, including eating. Teaching them the importance of the latest food groups, portions and healthy guidelines will ensure proper progress.

The Miracle of Movement
Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.

In combination with healthy eating, it can help prevent a range of chronic diseases. Physical activity helps control weight; builds lean muscle; reduces fat; promotes strong bone, muscle and joint development; and decreases the risk of obesity.

The Learning Experience provides children with the recommended 60 minutes of play each day to help them maintain a healthy weight.

The Miracle of Enrichment
We offer several exciting enrichment programs that introduce children to the arts and sciences as well as provide age-appropriate physical development. These programs enable children to engage in exciting activities that allow them to use their creativity. These programs tap into a different aspect of your child’s imagination and engage them in art, music, dance, physical fitness, performing arts, math, science, nutrition, and etiquette.

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