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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Allstate Rippy Insurance

“What do I care? I’ll be dead.” This is a phrase we hear more often than not when asking if someone has a life insurance policy.

Life insurance is not for the dead; it is for the living and those you leave behind.

We will all leave this Earth one day, and when we do, what will the legacy you leave behind look like? Will it come with a mound of debt and a bill for your funeral?

Most people do not wake up and say to themselves, “This is the day I am going to die.”

The day you don’t come home, will your family be able to stay in your home? Will they be able to afford the lifestyle you have created? Will they be able to continue paying the bills on a monthly basis? What about your funeral? Do you have monies saved for your fi nal expenses?

Two out of three adults think that life insurance is too expensive, but over-estimate its true cost by more than two times.

Replace the box of chocolates and red roses for your valentine with a life insurance policy. This is the last love letter you will ever write. It is a gift that says, “I loved you enough that I gave you a gift of being able to continue on after I am gone. I loved you enough that I wanted to make sure that you were ok after I didn’t come home that day.”

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