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Offered by Thollot Diamonds

Thollot JewelryThollot Jewelers is the area’s only jewelry repair studio equipped with a Laser Welding Machine. What does this mean to you? When others say it can’t be done, Thollot has the technology to get it done and get it done well.

There are many times when welding jewelry with a laser is superior to soldering jewelry with a torch. First and foremost, a good laser weld is three times as strong as the virgin metal, or 260 times stronger than a solder joint.

When soldering with a torch, the heat is applied to a relatively large area resulting in heat transfer. If the jeweler is not careful, he can burn or destroy heat sensitive gemstones. The jeweler who does not have a laser welder is forced to remove these stones from the jewelry before the soldering is done and then remount them after it is fi nished. This results in higher labor fees and more risk of gemstone breakage during the resetting process.

The laser has a finely focused laser beam resulting in a minimal heat-affected zone or “bombardment zone.” During the laser welding process, the metal adjacent to the bombardment zone does not become molten. This precision heat source allows the jeweler to laser weld metal in close proximity of heat sensitive stones and materials such as epoxy, enamel, pearls and stringing thread to name a few, without affecting the stone or material. Because of this pinpoint heat source, the laser weld will not soften springs or clips, eliminating the need to purchase new clasps as part of a repair.

All of this simply means that your jewelry repair will be done efficiently and with the highest care without the need to pay the highest price. Drop in for a free quote on your repair, restoration, or remake today.

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