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After years in the making, Ken Mitchell Open Space in West Brighton has officially opened to the public. e opening marks the completion of the section of the Colorado Front Range Trail that runs through the 600-acre open space and regional park, completing the 3.5-mile section of trail from Highway 7 south to E-470. Visitors will be able to enjoy the new soft and concrete trails that span the open space, alongside the natural landscape and abundant wildlife that call the area home. is now completes the Front Range Trail connecting Brighton to Denver.

The Colorado Front Range Trail is part of short and longterm improvements to the open space. For years, Ken Mitchell Open Space has played an essential role in the area by preserving the natural resources and wildlife of the South Platte River corridor. It has also provided trails, open space, and parks for the residents of Brighton and Adams County. In 1988, the City of Brighton purchased a majority of Ken Mitchell Open Space that consisted
of three gravel mining cells and an operator’s quarry yard from the local company, Ready Mix Concrete. An agreement between the company and the City led to the creation of 4,000 acre-feet of water augmentation storage and public open space.

Open space rules (i.e. no rearms, hunting, camping, swimming, boating, etc.) apply, so please look for posted signage. Pets will be restricted from some trails. Fishing is permitted on the entire lake where there is currently a fishing dock. At this time, other lakes in the area are not open to the public for fishing or recreation. Visitor hours are from dawn until dusk.

Vehicle parking is available at four trail access points: Ken Mitchell parking lot (899 Kinglet Court), Veterans Park (405 West Bridge Street), Colorado Park (254 Miller Avenue), and the parking lot of of Southern St. west of Miller Ave.

Future plans for Ken Mitchell Open Space include converting the historic Aichelman Farmhouse into a visitor and nature center. In addition, the City’s Open Space division is pursuing grant funding to build a parking lot for the Aichelman House property that will be turned into a main entry point, and is expected to be completed in the next couple of years.

Opportunities for a Volunteer Ranger Program will soon be available. If you are interested in signing up or have any questions, please contact Kyle Sylvester, City of Brighton Open Space Manager, at or 303-655-2089.