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As you advance through the golden years, you may start to experience loss of control in your life. You begin to realize that you can’t do everything you did when you were younger, both physically and mentally. Caring for the yard and maintaining the house becomes harder and eventually even driving and handling the checkbook can become a challenge.

You know that you are struggling in your day-to-day life, but your pride and concern over loss of control prevents you from asking for the help you need to keep yourself safe and protected.

The fear and frustration of this loss of control comes to a head when your kids show up and have the nerve to suggest that you sell your home and consider moving into an apartment or even an assisted living facility.

These transitions are hard, but are often the right choice for you as you grow older.

An effective estate plan that encourages family involvement and communication can be designed to help ease the frustration of these transitions and allow you to maintain control for a longer period of time in your advanced years. Being proactive and planning ahead will allow those that love and care for you to provide you with, or arrange for, assistance that allows you to stay in control of yourself and your finances.

While you may want to delay family involvement for as long as possible, getting your family involved early can actually allow you to stay in control longer. You need to realize that your children don’t want to take responsibility for you anymore than you want to give up control. Starting early and allowing for a gradual transition produces much better results for everyone involved. Don’t let a lack of planning on your part result in others taking control while you are still able! Take appropriate steps now and plan ahead for when you will need help later in life. This will enable you to remain in control as long as possible.

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