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Offered by Brighton Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

It is certainly understandable that if you had never served on jury duty and a summons were to appear in your mailbox, you might not be happy. However, I urge you to see your jury summons in a different light. But first, let me explain how you might be selected.

The state of Colorado website explains: “Each year, the Judicial Branch receives lists of all registered voters and all holders of driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards throughout the state, as well as records from the Colorado Department of Revenue. The lists are merged, duplicates and names of deceased citizens are removed, and the resulting list is divided by county location.” Then, names are randomly selected from the list as needed.

Now to the positive aspects of being a juror. First, it is an educational experience that you might actually enjoy. Prior to attending law school, I served on two juries. Both experiences gave me new insights into how our court system works. Second, jury duty can provide a break from the daily grind. Finally, it is your chance to make certain that the trial is fair, the guilty are convicted, and the innocent are found not guilty. Remember that innocent people are sometimes accused of a crime. It is your duty to weigh both sides and decide. When called to jury duty, you are the most important persons in the court.

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