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Susan Kline
Offered by Susan Kline

Well, we made it through this winter without too much time spent being snowed in or inconvenienced by snowy weather. Until yesterday……What a snowstorm and winter experience! Thankfully, it’s warming today and soon we’ll be back to our regular fare of comfortable temperatures and the occasional rainy afternoon. It’s funny how the weather can pause any plans we might have and give us a chance to be thankful for what’s going on around us. I personally was happy to have the time to spend on our largest issue ever for the month of April. We’ve been as awestruck by our compilation of advertisements, events, and news as we were by the size of the snowflakes yesterday. The two events happening simultaneously was something to behold.

So, what types of information are we bringing to you this month? We’ve been asked to advertise a number of new businesses in the area and that’s always a true pleasure. You’ll be made aware of SonFlower Ranch, a wonderful place for you and your family to visit this summer, Bed ‘n Biscuit Inn, an amazing new kennel in a beautiful country setting in Keenesburg, George T. Sanders Company, Plumbing and Heating Distributors now open to the public, Pro Sec, a new security company, and Spectrum Medical Imaging Center, a new business in the expanded Medical Office Facility at Platte Valley Medical Center….also, congratulations on the move of Platte Valley Pharmacy to that facility as well.

Are there events in your future in this area? Yes, and yes is the answer to that question. We’ve included a good number of upcoming events and are happy that you’ll be made aware of them in enough time to plan the next few months’ worth of activities. Don’t ever sit and wonder what there is to do! Just keep this issue of the magazine and look forward to going to many of the events listed on these pages.

Lastly, we always feel very lucky to have the experience of increasing our knowledge of what’s happening and who’s involved in the growth and development of this Northeastern Metro Area. We hope that you feel enriched by what we’re providing and can use the information to better your life. In this Springtime of the year when everything is growing, we get the chance to grow ourselves by meeting new people and trying new things. Happy Spring to all of our readers!

All the best this April,