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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS, Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

“How did you come up with the name Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center for your business?” is a question I have been asked numerous times. After hearing my reply, several people encouraged me to share my reason with our community.

As long as I can remember, the blue ribbon has been awarded for being “The Best,” whether it was at the county fair, the art show, or an athletic event. I always wanted to earn the Blue Ribbon, no matter what I participated in. As an athlete, a student, and in my professional life, I still work hard to be my best. In business, I strive to provide the best possible product and service experience for every patient, in part, because of a principle I learned many years ago.

Nearly 25 years ago, I first read the words “Think Win-Win” in Steven R. Covey’s best-selling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Initially, the concept made sense but was abstract as I had minimal experience in the real world. At the time, I had no way of knowing where implementing that habit into my professional life would lead me. During the 20-plus years of professional experience I have gained since reading those words, I have come to know exactly what it means and how powerful of a habit it is.

For over a decade, I have tried to apply that principle to every transaction I have engaged in as a provider of hearing aids and hearing-related services. After several years of achieving significant positive results with patients, my boss at the time asked me why I was so successful. I explained to him my goals and how I viewed each interaction and transaction. Later, as I thought about my response, I realized I was implementing the Win-Win principle I had learned years earlier.

The habit of thinking Win-Win is based on the idea each interaction or transaction has 4 possible outcomes. Each transaction has a seller and a buyer. Each can either win or lose. As such, the possible outcomes are 1) Seller wins, Buyer loses 2) Seller loses, Buyer wins 3) Seller loses, Buyer loses 4) Seller wins, Buyer wins. Thinking Win-Win means coming up with a solution where both parties win.

Everything from tools and equipment to processes and procedures at Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center is designed to increase the likelihood of making every interaction a win-win. The company is a fully independent, locally owned and operated, multi-line hearing aid provider. Rather than engaging in exclusive contracts that limit our ability to choose the best solution for a given patient’s hearing loss or tinnitus problem, we have created strategic partnerships and relationships with multiple industry leading manufacturers and suppliers.

With this in mind, the Blue Ribbon is a reminder of the Win-Win principle, a constant reminder to always give the best service and treatment to every patient, and a guarantee that each individual will receive the best service and products at a fair price.

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