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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

You could speak with just about anyone, and they would agree our lives have been totally turned into pandemonium by a global pandemic. It seems like there has been a world-wide reset of life as anyone knew it. The little things that were slightly irritating have been replaced by traumas that are large and in some cases life-threatening. It feels as though we’re all being given an opportunity to reassess what’s important and how we could “do life” better. Even our politicians have found a reason to work together because of the enormity of the situation. It would seem the arrogance of our existence is being brought to its knees. And what will we make of this opportunity?

We, as small business owners, are on a day by day work plan that can have many changes in one day. We’re concerned that all of our eorts from the past will dissipate into thin air if we don’t handle this horrible dilemma in the right way. The natural inclination is to freeze in place and hope this is all a bad dream. My instincts tell me we can’t stay frozen for too long. The insurmountable negatives have some pretty impressive positives outweighing them and they are: resilience, creativity, kindness, helpfulness, and grit. Most adults have life experience that kicks in and we go into our problem solving mode. This time we’re Sheltering In Place can be used to work on our plans for what happens when Covid-19 is defeated by our CAN DO spirit.

One more amazing thing on our side is the power of community. We, at The Brighton Buzz, have coordinated with our family of advertisers to do what is best for each of them at this time. is April issue isn’t as big as it usually would be, but, it’s a mighty expression of how business will survive when things get dicult. As The Brighton Buzz has brought valuable resources to you and your families for nearly 15 years, those businesses included in this issue want you to know they are there for you during this crisis.

Stay Strong and Healthy this April!