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Offered by Paul Cucunato

Spring time is upon us, and the winds of the season are already setting records. We have much more in store for us in our beautiful and unpredictable Colorado climate. Are you prepared and protected for the storms ahead? Most people know the advantages of having Comprehensive Coverage as part of their insurance package on their car. If a hail storm comes through and puts hundreds of dents on your car, you are covered. That is always a great feeling of reassurance.

Your home is a much bigger investment than your car. Are you sure you have the right coverage on your biggest asset? Have you taken the time to look at your coverage, review it, and ask questions? Even better, has your insurance agent been part of this review and taken the time to meet with you and explain your coverage and any gaps you might have? Do you know if you are covered for replacement value or actual value if your roof is damaged? If the answer is yes to these questions and you are fully covered, confi dent, and informed- good for you. If the answer is no, I would like to assist you in this endeavor. I can review any policy you have- not just policies issued by State Farm. I would be happy to assist you and help ensure you have the protection you need.

We may like surprise parties, surprise visits from loved ones, and surprise gifts! No one likes to be surprised by not having the protection they expected by their homeowners policy when they need it most. It is imperative you are sure your homeowners policy is current on the values and coverages that you need and want.

At my office we take the time with each one of our clients to explain the outlying risks that you are exposed to. Our commitment to our community is to ensure you are educated, informed, and that\ you have protection you understand. Give me a call today and let’s get together. The coffee is on and we are here to work with you and assist you.

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