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Offered by Ruston Webb, MS, CSCS, Kinetafit

The best way to maximize your workouts in the gym is to focus on perfect form and solid technique with your lifts. Most people believe that more weight and heavy lifting is the key to faster results but this quickly leads to injuries and pain. Focusing on perfect form throughout your lift not only creates a more functional movement pattern but it builds better coordination, burns more calories and generates higher strength output. In other words, by focusing on the right things in the gym you can get the body you are looking for and avoid getting hurt. Over time your strength levels will improve to lift heavier weights but in the meantime develop a strong core, gain those intrinsic stabilizers you need to lift heavier and start getting results without having to go to the doctor for x-rays.

At Kinetafit our personal trainers are determined to see our clients get results without getting injured. Come check us out

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