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Offered by Jan Giuliano

“Thank you,” to all our armed service men and women for their service. Let’s remember all the sacrifices and casualties that have brought us our freedom because without those we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this day so readily with our families and friends. Each day is a gift and our freedom should not be taken for granted. Happy Independence Day!

The hot days are upon us so be mindful of the heat and be protected:

  1. Hydrate! Make sure you drink plenty of water. If you’re active and most everyone is this time of year, make sure you include some type of Gatorade, PowerAde, or any number of drinks that help replenish nutrients and amino acids you lost through perspiration.
  2. Wear sunscreen, hat and glasses! Protect your body from harmful rays. Just a few minutes in the sun can cause major problems in the future if not protected, not to mention those pesky wrinkles as we age.
  3. Please don’t leave your children or pets unattended in a closed and locked car. Temperatures can quickly climb well beyond what is outside. It doesn’t take long to cause illness and even death. Protect the ones you love.
  4. While participating in sports, dress according to the specifics of the sport, bring and use gear designated for the sport, and plan for emergencies just in case. Keep first aid supplies handy and have emergency numbers available.

Keep everyone safe but have a wonderful July! If you need anything Mortgage Related call us at Academy at 303-450-1650.

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