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Offered by Susan Kline

How many times a day/week do you walk by a cluttered area in your garage, kitchen, hall closet, bedroom or office and shake your head thinking, “I’m going to get to that.” Those cluttered areas are what make our lives more difficult, de-energized, and confused. Do you sub-consciously think that life would be easier if you could make sense of your chaos? What we usually think is that it’s just going to be more work for us to take that extra step and clean out those fire storm areas to feel freedom from clutter.

Well, the answer to your clutter is In Its Place by Tamara LLC. Tamara Borden, an experienced organizer and planner, has made a huge difference in my life by becoming part of my “organized life” team. Tamara has the ability to look at a mess, pull everything out, throw away/get rid of what’s not necessary and make life easier because I’m not sorting through things daily to find what I want. I recently moved and hired Tamara to help me get rid of all the things that didn’t need to come with me and prepare for my movers. When I got to my new home, Tamara helped me unpack and organize everything from the start. In a very short period of time, I was up and running as if I’d been “home” for a long time. Our next project is to re-organize what’s left in the garage so that I’ll be able to find what remains in that stored area. This was the best move I’ve ever had because those steps were taken.

Why not take a minute to call Tamara and see if her expertise and talent in this area could make more sense out of your chaos. It’s a much happier life when you’re able to fi nd what you need and see your home in its best form. Her willingness to assist you is unmatched and she is invaluable as a much needed member of your “organized life” team.

Don’t put it off ……..Call Today 720-281-7663.

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