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Offered by: Ewing Hardscape Supply

Paver patios, driveways, paths and walls are installed to last for decades, so picking the right pavers and proper installation is vital. Here are four tips for selecting the right pavers from Ewing Hardscape Supply.

How to select the right paver:

When it comes to pavers there are many different styles to choose from. Start with the type of project, and whether it’s for pedestrian use or a driveway. For example, pavers bigger than 12-inch by 12-inch is weaker, so they probably wouldn’t be the best option for a driveway.

Next comes style selection. Ewing Hardscape Supply yards have a show area customers can visit to help them decide on the right style for their project. We recommend visiting our show area with your contractor to help you select your pavers.

When to place paver orders:

A week in advance is usually enough time, however, some special-order products can take another three to four days.

How much material to order:

This depends on the area size and paver style. A lot of paver designs have four or five different size pavers. A professional contractor can calculate how many of each size is needed. Contractors will also calculate how much paver base and polymeric sand is needed.

How to get the materials:

Deliveries usually require some minimum order amounts. For smaller projects, you can use a pick-up truck or pick up a little at a time. Dumping flat beds are also useful for pallets of pavers and base material.

Ewing Hardscape Supply locations offer pavers and other hardscape materials as well as delivery options. Come by our Brighton location to learn more.