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Is there a difference between Freedom and Liberty? Thomas Jefferson thought so. For he stated, freedom usually means to be free from something, whereas liberty usually means to be free to do something. Although both liberty and freedom refer to the quality or state of being free.

What does this mean to you and me?
In a country, state, county and city where our government allows you and I the liberty to work, use tools and technology to provide product and services and be compensated for it, then the better the skills, tools and technology we have, the more prosperous we may become.

As you know, we live in a country based on a Constitutional Republic which elects its representatives democratically. And what keeps us free, maintains our liberties and our economy? It is the freedoms we have to provide our services and operate tools and technology which may provide or improve products and people’s lives which can be brought to market.

One example of this is the company Microsoft. Microsoft was based on giving the small and home-based business the technology to operate as a much larger company. Through automation and technology, a small business can compete with much larger companies. This was Microsoft’s goal in the early years. It was obviously successful and created a revolution in business and helped create a new industry in personal computing which many other companies took advantage of, in a free market.

As I write this, I am using the Microsoft desktop application Word. Susan Kline and her amazing team who publish the magazine you are holding right now are beneficiaries of this same amazing technology. It is the freedom and liberty they have to use these tools which allows the Brighton Buzz to improve your life.

We must never take these liberties and freedoms for granted. There are many places on this earth where they do not have the kind of liberties we have here because their government controls and regulates the tools and technology to a much greater degree than ours.

For the sake of our country and families, we ought to always remember to be involved and participate in our democratic process with all sincerity; and at all levels of our government we are able. This is essential to maintain our Liberties and Freedoms.

God has blessed our country, state, county and city; and may God continue to bless the USA!

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