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Offered by: Thollot Jewelers

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing its assault on the U.S. economy, forcing businesses to close, lay off workers, or reduce their hours. Many find themselves in need of fast cash, beyond what can be generated by strict budgeting. There are several potential avenues to access emergency money in a pinch but where best to turn? Accessing the value locked in precious metals and unwanted or broken jewelry offers a standout option for those that want to avoid loans that come with crushing fees and interest. Gold has seen a price surge in the last year with a rise in the price of an ounce increasing over $400. That means that the items at the bottom of your jewelry box, your inherited jewelry and other precious metals are worth a whole lot more than most people think. Thollot & Co. pays top dollar for gold and estate jewelry, can cut a check to you on the spot, and is currently offering a 20% bonus to the value of your precious metals through the end of January when taken as store credit. Then shop their impressive selection of jewelry or make something original by working with their custom jewelry designers.

The bottom line is that it may require being a little creative. Turn your precious metals and unwanted jewelry into an heirloom gift for someone special (maybe yourself?) and free up budget you traditionally allocate for that purpose, or walk away with fast cash without taking on any additional debt and payments.