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Ductless Split SystemsDuctless systems provide cooling and heating without the need of central air ducting to deliver your indoor comfort needs. These systems are among the MOST ENERGY-EFFICIENT cooling and heating systems in the market, and extremely popular in Europe, Asia and Africa for decades, fast gaining popularity in the United States due to its efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and outright value.

Consisting of a sleek wall mounted indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condenser using environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant, the compact design doesn’t require ductwork, is extremely quiet during all modes of operation, delivering fast and eff ective cooling. The touch-controlled system comes with a remote control included.

Ideal for manufactured and mobile homes, lofts, offi ces, garages, sheds and living area up to 900 square feet for each 12,000BTU unit. Multiple indoor units can be separately controlled providing the comfort of having the right temperature in the rooms you want and when you want it, versus a central air system wasting money cooling the entire house whether you need it nor not, often causing hot and cold spots.

They are the perfect alternative to replace swamp coolers. DID YOU KNOW? That swamp coolers are breeding grounds for molds and airborne viruses, exposing your family to a variety of health issues! DON’T BELIEVE US? Google “Diseases related to swamp coolers” – you will be amazed how many illnesses are linked to swamp coolers. Ductless systems circulates clean air via its easily accessible and reusable filter system verses a swamp cooler pulling air and pollutants from outdoors.

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