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Offered by Kim Gieseke, Promenade Horsemanship Academy

2017 was an amazing year at Promenade Stable. Students worked consistently, were extremely focused and achieved many goals that they set. As we start 2018, many people will set New Year resolutions. I had good intentions when I set resolutions but never seemed to be very successful at achieving them. As I reflected back on the 2017 accomplishments of my students, and myself, I started to compare the achieved goals with those failed resolutions. What was the difference?

The resolutions were set because it was the thing do, more importantly, it dawned on me that they were vague. The achievements of 2017 were very specific and were approached with a very structured plan. A goal is achieved by working at it daily. What gets difficult is figuring out exactly what to do on a daily basis to achieve the goal. Training horses has taught me how to break goals into extremely small or simple steps. Steps that may feel too small to even matter but when you put the small accomplishments together success happens.

In 2018 I am offering a monthly goal setting class (Please see our ad for dates). The purpose is to get you to think about those unachieved horsemanship goals, decide if they are realistic or what would be, then brainstorm about how to break them into daily achievable tasks. Make 2018 the year to start achieving your horsemanship goals!

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