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Coloradans have seen unprecedented times in recent months. COVID-19 has forced all students to do what only a small percentage of Americans practice already: school at home. Unexpected and sudden remote learning has been challenging for students, teachers, administrators, and parents, but the experience has been eye-opening for some. Some have been hit with the realization that classwork often does not take as long to complete as they assumed, time together at home has strengthened familial bonds, and students might be thriving in their new environment. Some have that persistent feeling that schooling at home might just be possible. If you fall into that group, it’s time to take control of your child’s education. You CAN do it!

In a nutshell, homeschooling is legal and varies from family to family, child to child, curriculum to curriculum, but its common element is control. You control your family’s time, values, ideologies, education, successes, and failures. In a time when our biggest fear is the loss of our sense of control due to COVID-19, take this opportunity to regain some authority over your life.

Although millions of students in America homeschool, the choice is unconventional. You have questions and concerns, but help is available. You already have a large number of homeschoolers in your community, novices and veterans alike. At CEC’s Everest Point Homeschool Academy
(, we can help answer your questions, give guidance, and provide tuition-free educational and social supplementation that you might be seeking in your homeschool program. Take the reins and give homeschooling a try to go from surviving to thriving!