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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

For some people, running the gauntlet from Halloween to New Years can be quite exhausting or overwhelming at the very least. This seemingly wonderful season filled with family, friends, food and gifts can be a recipe for feelings of frustration, discouragement and despair. Beating the blahs can be a challenge and when the usual efforts of more exercise, more friends and family, getting outdoors or eating less don’t seem to lift your spirit – you may need to take a deeper look. There is a simple assessment that is available to help you identify if you have something underneath the surface that may require some additional help. The Beck Depression Inventory II is a self-administered and self-scored assessment that can help you identify the level of your depression. Download the assessment for free at: The instructions and scoring are simple. If you prefer, you can also contact our office and we will do the assessment and scoring for you for free!

We toss the word “depression” around all the time and it is good to know that there is a simple way to know for sure. Here at Brighton Family Counseling L.L.C. we are available to come along side and help you through this process. There is lots of advice for beating the holiday blahs but if you sense that there is something else more deeply rooted then please seek us out and we will be glad to help.

Don’t try to tough it out by yourself, call us today and we will be glad to help you! 720.373.5731

Holiday Blahs or Depression

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