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New brand for Brighton/Adams County agricultural area

Offered by: City of Brighton Communications Office

Together the City of Brighton and Adams County have finalized a name and logo for the agricultural area that is the focus of the District Plan; a joint city and county plan to preserve prime agricultural land, encourage local food production, and promote agritourism in the south Brighton area.

The name Historic Splendid Valley is a reference to the founder of the City of Brighton, Daniel F. Carmichael. According to his March 3rd, 1911 obituary in the Brighton Standard Blade, despite a difficult, drought-stricken year, Carmichael “took a fancy to the place and determined there should be a town here that would be a credit to the splendid valley of the Platte.”

Historic Splendid Valley already lives up to the name “splendid.” Visiting the area, one passes rows of cabbage, corn, onions, and more; bustling berry patches offering u-pick opportunities; beehives buzzing on open space properties, and farm stands offering seasonal produce and local products. All of these activities take place against the backdrop of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, with the South Platte River flowing alongside. The vision for the future of the area includes farm-to-table restaurants, bed and breakfasts, working lands, food storage, and processing facilities, and more as part of a freestanding community that grows a significant portion of the region’s produce.

“This brand helps to develop the identity of an area that has been a priority for agricultural preservation for over a decade,” said Anneli Berube, Ag Innovation Specialist for the City of Brighton and Adams County. “It is the hope of the city and the county that this brand will provide local farmers, business owners, and others with a tool to promote the area’s unique products and experiences.”

District Plan Commission Chair Alan Hale added, “As we work to ensure the protection of additional prime farmland, this brand will also be a reminder of the importance of agriculture to our history, and to our future.”

Next steps for this project include developing a marketing and public relations plan to guide the use of the new brand, and implementing a wayfinding signage program for the area. The Historic Splendid Valley brand will help to realize the future of this area as a destination for agritourism and local food.

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