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Offered by Brian Holley – Farmers Insurance

Our children are the future of our country and our society. The families and homes of our community have always been, and always should be, the shelter from the “storm” of chaos which assaults the character and values of our children.

Outside of our homes, on the front lines in the fight to build the fabric of our society, are the teachers of our future: the children of this world.

Whether working in Public, Private or Charter schools the teachers of our children work hard to help educate and inspire the future adults of our society. They deserve our deep respect and support.
At times, our communities look for leadership. Solutions to our current and future problems are somewhere out there, but we need the genius and aggressiveness of our youth to overcome obstacles and find needed solutions. These solutions will come through ideas, inventions and a lot of hard work when they are applied to solve our communities’ problems.

Our teachers are there to help show our youth how to learn, be disciplined, and gather the information they need to excel in our country. And when they succeed, in turn, our country and communities will and do succeed.

Farmers InsuranceAs our teachers prepare and build leaders to usher in the future, we must take upon us the responsibility of aiding them in the education of our children. The students must have a solid foundation of learning along with faith in their abilities to find the answers they will be looking for in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank and give my appreciation to all teachers, volunteers and parents, everywhere who help make our community the wonderful place it is.

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