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Offered by: Roome Paget, Gray Guy Handyman Service

I admit to being old and somewhat set in my ways. The “old” has given me respect for doing things right. Never mind right the first time, if it’s right there is no second time.

It is easy to overlook “micro changes” in our everyday environment. But, most the time, small repairs are easier and less expensive than big repairs. A good example, re-caulking a shower before the wall behind it is damaged. Once in a while, take a look around your home like it is a property that you are considering buying. The little things will stand out and you can plan on fixing them.

Timing, both by the calendar and finances has to be considered. If the bathroom is flooding, it is not the right time to discuss paint color for the walls. Sometimes a “quick patch” repair needs to be done to allow for budget planning and a future fix.

There are the small, but important, maintenance items like regular furnace air filter replacements and annual smoke alarm battery replacements that need to be done. Smoke alarms need to be replaced when they are 10 years old. The manufacturing date is printed on the back of the alarm. If there is no date, it is way over 10 years old. Some air filters are rated as 90 days. During winter and summer high use times once a month, 30 days, is more realistic.

There are jobs that should be done by licensed professionals in the skilled trades i.e. electricians, plumbers and contractors. ey are the ones with the training and experience to keep your property and your family safe. I do turn down potential jobs that should be done by a licensed pro. You can find licensed professionals in THE BUZZ.

Then there are the cosmetic changes, the ones that usually have a “but” in the sentence. The faucet (or light or toilet) still works, “but”… You are not required to explain just give a call and I’ll do the job for you. You always talk the owner, the same guy who does the clean up and washes the truck.