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Offered by: Tracie Serna – Pinnacle Gardens

“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.”

Mark Twain

We all know what a challenge gardening can be in our climate, especially with our everchanging weather. When those warm sunny days show up and spring fever has you itching to get outside there are plenty of things you can do to prepare your garden.

The first thing to do is clear all the leaves, debris and broken branches that may be left from winter. Next be sure to clean all your tools with soap and water, use a little mineral spirit on wooden handles. Many trees or shrubs can use a good pruning this time of year, especially those that bloom on new wood. Late winter/early spring is the perfect time to prune back old wood because you can see the branch structure well and you can shape the plant before the buds break dormancy.

Now it’s time to prepare the garden beds. In winter, soil tends to become compacted, so the first thing you will want to do is loosen it back up by tilling or turning. Then ad your compost and amendments. You can use a soil test kit to check your pH and nutrient levels. If your perennials have become over crowded and are starting to deteriorate, they can really benefit from being divided in early spring. If you are not sure how to do this stop by the garden center and we will show you.

Pinnacle Gardens has a great selection of trees, shrubs and perennials selected specifically for our climate and spring is an ideal time to plant. Consider the design of your yard, group plants with similar light, water and soil requirements together.

Here are some tips from Planttalk Colorado™

When designing a landscape, keep in mind activities that might take place in that space. Compare how outdoor space is currently used with how it would ideally be used.

Next, consider the sun and how it moves around a landscape. Are there places in the landscape that should be shaded in the summer, but open to sunlight in the winter? Choose a design and plants according to these factors.

Compare landscaping ideas with the budget set for the project. A general rule of thumb for estimating the amount of money one should invest in a landscape is approximately 10 percent of the value of the home.