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From cars to electronics and appliances, we are used to purchasing things that come with some form of warranty. But what about when you purchase an existing home with appliances that are no longer under their individual warranties? Moving, in and of itself is generally expensive, and for many of us getting hit with the unexpected expense of major repairs to something not covered by homeowner’s insurance is not welcome.

A home warranty is basically a policy purchased, often times when closing on a home, to cover the cost of repairing home appliances, HVAC, plumbing or electrical systems should they break down. Home warranty policies generally run a few to several hundred dollars depending upon what items are covered and the extent of coverage.

While some companies offer home warranty policies at any stage of home ownership, purchasing one at the time of the real estate transaction will provide for the most comprehensive coverage and economical price points. In some cases, a home warranty can even be used as a buyer incentive by the seller who may offer to pay for the first year of coverage as part of the purchase negotiations.

Additionally, a home warranty policy can also be beneficial to a seller during the listing period, and in some cases may even be offered free to the seller by the company, in hopes that the buyer of the home will want to continue the coverage for at least that first year. As with any insurance type policy, it has the most appeal to those with the “better safe than sorry” approach to things.

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