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Offered by: Wellyssa’s Well

Past Life Regression: I was having problems with my life. It felt like I had no control. I knew that whatever was going on had nothing to do with this life. So I went to Wellyssa. In my past life regression I had a yoke upon my neck, a heavy burden and bondage. Wellyssa removed the yoke and we discussed how that had been affecting my current life and my health, as I had been having pain in my neck. After the regression it came out that I had a lymphoma cancer on my neck. I had been to the doctor many times because I didn’t feel right, but after my session with Wellyssa, I insisted that they recheck me. Then Bam, they find cancer. Now Wellyssa is working with me on my healing and has shown me how to run healing energy for myself, so I can continue my own healing. Between the energy work and my cancer treatment I have beaten this cancer. She is amazing. I would recommend a past life regression or healing work with her any day. Bear M. Jan 2019. (Follow up 1/2022: Bear is cancer free.)

Chakra Healing/clearing: I did not realize how scattered my Chakra energies were until I started working with Wellyssa. Because of her healing work for me, and my personal follow through with the exercises she gave me between sessions, my Chakras are finally clear and working properly. My energy flow is way more noticeable, it feels more free flowing, and my intuition is stronger. Thank you Wellyssa! Shannon C. 2020 (Note from Wellyssa: Shannon had substantial damage to her Chakra system due to both physical and emotional wounding. It took several sessions to complete the deep healing and realignment that was needed, but Shannon stuck with it, and had a successful outcome.)

Soul Retrieval: Wellyssa performed a chakra clearing and soul retrieval on my 9 year old daughter, over the course of two sessions. I brought her is because she was having constant irritable stomach and the doctors found nothing medically wrong with her; additionally she had become increasingly agitated, very emotional and sometimes I just didn’t know what to do for her. While clearing her chakras Wellyssa was able to see that there was a soul fragment that was hiding out in my daughter’s 2nd chakra. Wellyssa was able to remove it from that chakra and reintegrate that fragment back into it’s proper place. After this treatment, my daughter’s inner frustration was much calmer, and her stomach problems are gone. My daughter felt relief and a sense of security. My daughter told me that she “felt forgiven.” I don’t know where that came from, but it was a remarkable statement from her. This was a very replenishing treatment for my daughters mind and body. Katy F. April 2022.