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Offered by Paul Cucunato

Have you been thinking about getting a life insurance quote? Well, I have one for you: “Fun is like life insurance, the older you get, the more it costs.” Kin Hubbard, American Humorist- Journalist. Kin lived from 1868 to 1930 and he was a pretty wise and funny guy. Even though he made his joke about life insurance about 100 years ago, his statement is timeless and still true today.

So, let me ask you another question-what’s the most important thing in your life? When asked this question, my response and that of a majority of my fellow Coloradoans would be “my family”. If family was the first thing that came to your mind, you need to ask yourself if you are fully prepared with a well-thought-out plan to protect them and their way of life if something happens to you. Many of us put off this type of planning and these discussions because we always think we can do it tomorrow or next week, but then the unexpected occurs and our legacy becomes the good intentions we had to do the right thing for our loved ones.

If a child, a life partner, or a parent depends on your income, you need life insurance. It can be the diff erence in getting to stay in the home with the lifestyle you built, and starting all over again. It helps keep dreams alive and it provides a relief and a softer landing in times of need. Life insurance isn’t about death, it is about life and legacy.

With the holidays upon us, you can give yourself and your family some security and peace of mind. Come see me and my team at our agency to ask questions and learn about a wide variety of options that are available to protect those that are most important to you.

A final thought for today: “You don’t get life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.”

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