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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

Arriving at this time of year seems like we’ve taken the “scenic route” to the month of December. Winding our way through the varying hills and valleys of 2020, we have all taken different routes than we’re used to in order to navigate the year. It feels somewhat similar to watching an episode of “The Amazing Race” with all the pitfalls along the way. Let’s celebrate the fact we’ve made it to December 2020 and we’re all winners for doing so!

Nonetheless, we’ve arrived just in time to sprinkle Holiday Cheer on our 2020 journey. It’s amazing how Christmas decorations can lift spirits and take us to a time that elicits fond memories and child-like excitement. This year, making preparations to decorate, buy gifts, bake some delicious cookies, and all that goes along with “The Holidays” is a welcome diversion from our raging pandemic. This year’s gift is the feeling of joy we receive from engaging in these happy thoughts and activities.

We’ve created our December issue as another way to spread joy to you and your families. Please note the wonderful offers inside and the well wishes of our advertisers. We hope you enjoy the season and find The Brighton Buzz to be a great resource toward making that happen!

From all of Us At The Brighton Buzz, Happy Holidays!