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Offered by: Joel Hartl, M.D. – Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

Recent events have brought gun violence back into the national spotlight. Guns are a topic fraught with passion for almost everyone. There are a few common things that we can all agree on. Firearms are dangerous. Not only that, but guns are especially dangerous to children. Unlocked, loaded weapons are an accident hazard just like Tide pods or other household hazards. However, firearms are unique in that accidents involving guns are much more likely to be fatal. Guns are also dangerous to adolescents (and adults) with thoughts of suicide. A suicide attempt is many times more likely to be fatal if the individual has access to a firearm.

Just like abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy, the best way to prevent an accidental or intentional gun death is to not have a gun in the house. However, many people enjoy having guns for recreation. The AAP recommends that guns for recreation be stored separate from the ammunition and that both locations be locked. The NRA recommends that guns be stored unloaded until they are ready for use and that they be stored so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. Gun safety is the burden and responsibility every gun owner bears by exercising their right. If your gun kills a child, you bear the responsibility.

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Gun Safety

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