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Offered by Susan Chavez, Richard Lambert Foundation

The holidays are a time to gather and celebrate with those we love most. How can those grieving the death of a loved one feel like celebrating. Holidays can magnify the pain of loss and while nothing can remove the pain, awareness and understanding of grief during the holidays can lessen the impact.

Getting ahead of the holidays by creating a plan A and plan B is helpful. Plan A may be holidays as usual, dinner with friends and family. Plan B may be to cancel the holiday all together spending time in reflection. Yes, it’s okay to take a year off. The holidays will come back around.

Intentionally remembering and celebrating your loved one in some way is important. Light a candle for your loved one, write a post about a favorite memory, give a gift in their memory, volunteer to serve in a way that honors them. Remind others that acknowledging your loved one will be welcomed, tears or not. Grieving in a healthy manner is primarily about emotional expression.

We welcome you to join us for November 8th Support Group, focusing on Surviving the Holidays for people who are grieving a loved one’s death.

Or you may join us to honor your loved one at the Lights of Life Memorial Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 7th.

Holidays might prove the most difficult you will ever experience, but you will get through it and come out on the other side stronger than before.

Grief & The Holidays

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