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Holding a yard sale is an ideal way to rid your house of clutter—plus pick up some cash for things you’re not using anyway. And although a yard sale can be held just about any time in Colorado, you’ll find that May, June and July are the most popular times of the year for such an event. To help you make more money, have more fun—and make your garage sale highly successful, here are some tips and resources:

Don’t Procrastinate-Unless you have had several sales before, you’ll find it to your advantage to plan well in advance. In some neighborhoods this is a must, as some towns require homeowners to secure a permit. Regardless, by picking a date soon and working toward sorting through all of your stuff, coming up with prices, tagging everything, going to the bank for extra bills and change, etc., you won’t feel rushed come “yard sale” day.

You can’t always count on the weather forecast, but check the 10-day forecast before advertising your sale. If a major storm looks like a possibility, it might be wise to postpone your event until the weather looks better.

Consider Joining Forces– Perhaps you don’t have a ton of stuff to sell, but you still want to get rid of some things. Consider pooling your goods with friends or holding a neighborhood sale.

Promote Like a Pro-Don’t wait until the last minute to throw up some cardboard signs stuck to a lawn chair by the side of the road. The week before the sale weekend put an ad in your local paper. List the information on local, free posting sites. And don’t forget to let family and friends know about your event. Create signs to post on street corners with directional arrows and hours to set out the night before.

Getting Organized– Go through those boxes in the attic, basement or garage and select items you can sell. Then walk from room to room in your home, identifying things you no longer need. Most of us have trouble parting with things, even if we never use them. If you haven’t used something for over a year, it’s a good sign you won’t miss it. Have your children go through their items they don’t use or need.

Pricing to Sell – Most shoppers would rather know what you’re asking for an item–thus, price tags are a necessity. Only about one-third of those will try to talk you down on the price. Price every single item, one-by-one. Blue painter’s tape and a black Sharpie marker work really well.

Displaying the Merchandise – Display your merchandise on folding tables (or plywood and sawhorses) to keep it off the ground. And organize your goods. Don’t make buyers dig through piles of junk to fi nd the gems. Here’s one of the best web sites offering comprehensive set-up ideas:,

Keeping the Money Safe – Don’t keep a cash box in full sight. Use a fanny pack around your tummy and keep it zipped up and in front of you–keeping a sharp eye and feel on it at all times. Set up your cash table near the entrance. Have plenty of small bills, change, a cash box, a calculator, pencil and pen. In this day and age, watch children who walk out with things in their hands. Watch adults who wear jackets/hats, and groups where one tries to keep you engaged in questions while the others steal.

After the Sale – Unless you have a buyer come pick up your leftovers, you will have to deal with the scraps. After the sale, if higher priced items remain, call an auctioneer, local used furniture store or try listing them yourself online if you have experience. Another option is to take a tax write-off and have a local charity organization stop by to pick up the leftovers. Be sure and find out what kind of items the organization will and will not collect.

Hopefully these tips will make your Garage Sale a fun and successful event! Best of Luck!

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